Correlation between seismic parameters of far-fault motions and damage indices of low-rise reinforced concrete frames

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The aim of this paper is to present the results of an investigation on the degree of correlation that exists
between several available seismic parameters of far-fault ground motions and the structural damage
under earthquake in low-rise reinforced concrete buildings. The results show that Velocity Spectrum
Intensity is the leading parameter exhibiting the strongest correlation, followed by Housner Intensity and
Spectral Acceleration. Interestingly, six of the very commonly used seismic parameters demonstrate poor
correlations with the damage of such structures. The results also show the existence of a very weak
correlation (far behind many other seismic parameters) between the conventionally used parameter
Peak Ground Acceleration and the damage (either expressed through the damage index or the inter storey

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Article history:
Received 21 March 2014
Received in revised form
15 June 2014
Accepted 17 June 2014
Available online 25 July 2014  

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