Damage Localization and Quantification of Earthquake Excited RC-Frames

تولید کننده: Aalborg University of Denmark
کد محصول: Aalborg University
امتیاز جایزه: 10
موجودی: در انبار

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In the paper a recently proposed method for damage localization and quantification of RC-structures
response measurements is tested on experimental data. The method investigated requires at
least one response measurement along the structure and the ground surface acceleration. Further, the
two lowest time-varying eigenfrequencies of the structure must be identified. The data considered are
from a series of 3 RC-frame model tests performed at the structural laboratory at Aalborg
University, Denmark during the autumn of 1996. The frames in the test series were exposed to two or
three series of ground motions of increasing magnitude. After each of these runs the damage state of the
frame was examined and each storey of the frame were classified into one of the following 6 classifications:
Undamaged, Cracked, Lightly Damaged, Damaged, Severely Damaged or Collapse. During each of the
ground motion events the storey accelerations were measured by accelerometers. After application of
the last earthquake sequence to the structure the frames were cut into pieces and each of the beams
and columns was statically
tested and damage assessment was performed using t he obtained stiffnesses.
The damage in the storeys determined by the suggested method was then compared to the damage
from the visual inspection as well as the static tests. It was found that especially in the
cases where the damage is concentrated in a certain area of the structure a very good damage assessment
is obtained using the suggested method.  

Department of Building Technology and Structural Engineering,
Aalborg University, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
A.~. Cakmak
Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research,
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA

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