Estimating structural damage of steel moment frames by Endurance Time method

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In Endurance Time (ET) method, structures are subjected to gradually intensifying accelerograms and their performance is judged based on
the maximum time duration in which they can satisfy the predefined endurance criteria. Damage indexes are used in ET method as the endurance
criteria. In this paper, correlation between the values of various damage indexes as obtained from nonlinear time-history analysis of steel moment
frames subjected to scaled earthquakes are compared with those from ET method at the same level of spectral acceleration. It is shown that the
average value of various damage indexes can be estimated from ET analysis results. Advantages, accuracy and limitations of this procedure are
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H.E. Estekanchi, K. Arjomandi1, A. Vafai2
Department of Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Ave., P.O. Box 11365-9313, Tehran, Iran
Received 11 January 2007; accepted 29 May 2007  

Keywords: Endurance time method; Damage index; Steel moment frames; Dynamic pushover; Seismic resistant design  

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